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Visa Requirements

International participants of the 41st FEBS Congress may require visas in order to enter Turkey. Visa regulations depend on your nationality and country of origin. Please contact your local Turkish Diplomatic and Consulare mission for full and official instructions on the specific visa regulations and application procedures that apply to you. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa if required. For up to date information regarding visa requirements, please visit the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: www.mfa.gov.tr/consular-info.en.mfa


Turkey has issued new guidance for foreign passport-holders entering the country. As from 1 January 2015, passports must be valid for at least 60 days from the date of expiry of a traveller's visa, visa exemption period or residency permit to be able to enter the country. For example a traveller with a visa expiry date of 20 May 2015 must hold a passport that is valid until at least 20 July 2015. Travellers without the required period of validity on passports will not be allowed entry into Turkey due to this new legal regulation.

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