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About TBS, the Turkish Biochemical Society

TBS hosts 41st FEBS Congress with great pleasure. In years of hosting international meetings, TBS’ policy is not to organise a special national congress but to coordinate a successful international event with national and international participants.

The Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS) was founded in 1975 at Ankara, to serve as an umbrella for establishing and supporting professional contacts and information exchange among all those working in the field of basic and applied biochemistry (clinical chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, molecular medicine, bioinformatics, etc.) mainly through the organization of scientific activities. Besides stimulating scientific collaborations within professionals of the field, TBS aims to advance research in the science of biochemistry and to improve undergraduate and postgraduate biochemistry education. Another mission of TBS is to enhance patient care through training on competence, quality and accreditation of medical laboratories in Turkey for improvement of their standards and service. Through active collaborations with govermental (Ministry of Health, etc.) and non-govermental institutions (educational and research bodies), the society also delivers assistance on related health issues and is involved in developing health policies.

Today, TBS is one of the leading national associations of Turkey with more than two thousand (2 000) members and official branches at major cities like Istanbul, Izmir and Adana.  The Society represents graduate students and professionals working in the area of basic and applied biochemistry (clinical chemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, molecular medicine, bioinformatics, etc.). It also accepts non-residential scientists living in other countries as members as long as they are Turkish citizens.

 International Scientific Affiliations

  • Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS, 1978)
  • International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB, 1978)
  • Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation (BCLF, 1996)
  • International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC-LM, 1997)
  • European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (previously FESCC and now EFLM, 1997)
  • European Communities Confederation of Clinical Chemists (FESCC + EC4, 2007) 
  • Balkan Association of Biosciences  (BAB, 1999)
  • World Association of Society of Patologists and Laboratory Medicine (WASPaLM, 2013)

  For further information about TBS, please refer to the TBS website:  www.turkbiyokimyadernegi.org.tr 


Journals from FEBS: FEBS has twin commitments to high-quality publications and the promotion of molecular biosciences. As a charitable academic organization, FEBS uses income from the journals to fund its diverse activities, including support for the FEBS Congress.
IFCC: IFCC auspices have been given to this event.